Dental Offices

Pediatric Dental Office- Architectural and Interior Design By “Marghana Design”

Pediatric Office- Waiting Area (The Garden)

Doctor's Office- Consultation Room

Pediatric Dental- Treatment Room

Pediatric Dental- X-ray room

Pediatric Dental Lab - Marghana Design

Pediatric Dental Office - Treatment room

Pediatric Dental- Kids Waiting Area


Pediatric Dental- Waiting Area

Orthodontist Office- Remodeled by Marghana Design

Orthodontist- Treatment area

Orhtodontist Treatment room- Marghana Design

Orthodontist Office- waiting area


Orthodontist- Consultation Room

Orthodontist - Waiting are in the Treatment room


After- Orthodontist Waiting Area


Orthodontist- Treatment area





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